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As Yuval herali said: when money penetrates and breaks down the dam built by society, religion and state, the world will become a huge and merciless market. What seemed inevitable in hindsight was not obvious at that time.


What can bitcoin do for human beings? Is it really a meaningful or valuable financial revolution? Obviously not. It has no value like some poverty theories. Instead of the economic growth of the poor, it has not made most people rich. On the contrary, many people have lost their property. So why does it appear? It emerged 08 years later, with the shadow of real estate and tulips coming from history. What is not discovered develops naturally, and then gradually becomes well known. After 12 years of 2008, there is not much improvement, and the dollar can still be equal. 14-16 and gold are brothers. Capital sees a fixed number of objects, like a lot of gold, and the market has unprecedented value. After joining, the price soars. This monster does not know how much value it has, It only checks whether the submitted hash value is true, and then stores some blocks in the network. He is endowed with meaning, which can be valued, but it is not precious, and it may not be valuable. Because it is rare, only 2100W of them are relatively precious. They are only endowed with a value (things are precious, gold is really expensive and keeps value, but it’s not money, and it’s not constant. If a currency is constant, the market can’t become bigger. It’s so sad). However, there is no way to determine the value. 10 years ago, when you owned a bitcoin, you only had a long string of hash values. It may be a mathematical problem that you can’t solve in your whole life. Today, it can be exchanged for a Tesla. It’s very strange, it’s a trap, but when you define the price with special currency, you should be able to be sure that you want to use it to buy things. You start to need more money, the better to speculate, to invest money and to mine. (now my graphics card is more expensive than the computer.). After that, we started to mine blockcoin and couldn’t extricate ourselves. The market fluctuation caused by his appearance: graphics card: there is a price but no market, it’s hard to do graphic design, and then mining in various mines, which has an impact on the radiation and power supply of surrounding counties and towns, and the impact on science and technology: before the emergence of bitcoin, no company has used technology to solve mathematical problems. It turns out to be just a few bitcoins – a long string of hashes.


Blockchain is not equal to bitcoin at all: both blockchain and Internet of things are technologies to help human beings and are the next scientific revolution. Bitcoin is not, the number of constant financial market will not accept, with the slogan of freedom speculation is ridiculous, it has no value and waste resources.


Having talked about the birth and development of bitcoin, we should also talk about the basis of its existence.   Network, algorithm, cryptography and blockchain technology should also be supported by grain and Shengshi. In the world, barrier free trade is what BTC can appear. If war breaks out: suddenly one day the third world war comes, when a group of American soldiers stand in front of you and ask you for all your belongings, do you need to make a deal with your hard disk? In the Third World War, a few people survived. World peace established a larger human civilization, and at the same time established a money medium that can be delivered. When bitcoin patients’ broken 2TB hard disk and later internationalized governments exchanged currency (at this time, it may not be US dollars, it may be RMB), it was a one-to-one exchange, Or as a token to commemorate the soldiers who died in the war? These are all unexpected situations. Whether bitcoin can be preserved or not, and whether it can still preserve the previously hyped value, are unknown.      It’s better not to have a war. The BTC you believe in will be the first to go out after the war. That is, when the big brother of the central banks doesn’t come out, the clowns will play themselves to death! BTC prices all the way down, play is your heartbeat, see who is the last one in the wet biscuit game. BTC can’t be compared with other material commodities. Gold can be worn in your hand. When the price of gold falls, it’s still a jewelry. You are the last one to go out of the pit. Bitcoin is smashed in your hand. You are the person with 21 million hash values. I don’t know whether it will be recognized as the Olympic certificate by the market. After all, you are the one who can solve 21 million mathematical problems.


After a few years, there are more transactions stored in the cold backup hard disk than in the world history. The huge amount of data not only consumes resources, is too bloated, but also has no value. Then I can find some inspiration from these transaction records in my whole trading career, so that I can learn to bargain with the shopping aunt when I pay next time.


Bitcoin will end up in the end. The theory of bitcoin has not been updated, which shows that its theoretical system is perfect, as if there is no loophole. However, human progress must enrich their own rules and improve their own system. If a system can be used now, it is still the land of Qin Dynasty. Do these bitcoin players look like Zhao Gao, who plays nonsense with emperor II?


Let’s look at another meaning of bitcoin’s existence: it symbolizes freedom and freedom from authority. Master has compared the killing of Copernicus by the church several centuries ago to the birth of bitcoin. In fact, this is different. Copernicus represents the future trend of science, and the human race will go in his direction. Bitcoin scholars have said that it symbolizes freedom and equality, mining is still the rich, speculation is still the capitalists, just now the real capital into bitcoin, why conversion is because he has, you don’t care can only show you don’t have. The bitcoin revolution is to distribute the interests of a rich man (group A) to another group (group B) – (group B) another group of the same rich people. The money wanders between the people who can buy the miner and the people who can fry the coin, while the money is not   This poor horse or this group of poor people   Some of them are still poor. They don’t have time and money to mine, and they don’t have money to speculate. What does bitcoin bring to the people at the bottom from the perspective of freedom: the rise in the price of graphics cards, the surge in electricity charges, or the news of losing money one after another. As far as this argument is concerned, some economics in the 20th century is far more tolerable than Wang Xiang in the Shenzong court of the Northern Song Dynasty. Wang Xianggong worked hard all his life for the interests of the lower class and the country, and these coin speculators and coin buyers are more like Sima Dachengzi and Yuanyou party members, Zizhitongjian can stay, Sima who smashed the VAT will be spurned or forgotten, blockchain and bitcoin white paper will remain, and Nakamoto will disappear at some time.


Is bitcoin really revolutionary? Obviously, the microscope can’t find it either. It said that the revolution only wanted finance to be constrained by the government, and to control the economy through bloodshed and war. It was likely that no religion or system would operate. The chaos of the seven kings of the Western Han Dynasty was mainly caused by the private coinage of money. ” Financial scholars clamor that bitcoin can compete with fiat money. Why not take bitcoin to exchange goods directly, but as a medium to exchange goods with fiat money? If we can divide the world into people who use bitcoin and people who don’t use bitcoin, then people who use bitcoin can form a group and have a small area to live in like jihadi, then this group of people will hold their BTC like a country called bitcoin and exchange goods with themselves to establish a market, It may be that they can join the WTO after development, and then other countries in the world can exchange their own goods for their hash strings to achieve the purpose of import and export. It seems unreasonable, but what can be guaranteed is that this country called bit will not experience inflation.


What is the impact of bitcoin as a revolution? Humanism is to promote the progress of human thought, and scientific revolution is conducive to human development. The industrial revolution and scientific revolution have brought great changes to the whole human society. The network: sharing, convenient communication, efficient office, media (Biography of Lingguan can also go to the media, although it is not a good thing). High Speed Rail: shorten the distance between people, the space becomes smaller, and the soul collision between people becomes more diversified; Computer: efficient office, prompt work efficiency, the use of underlying protocol (system) builder, all kinds of software, for the development of the Internet of things, these are the credit of this revolution, closely related to ordinary people, and the world is getting rid of poverty, from the edge of the biological poverty line to the rich side. If there were not enough food, the invention of electricity and the invention of computers, BTC would not appear. In retrospect, what would you do with Mr. Yuan’s food? If you really solved the mathematical equation, Mr. Yuan and all the lower classes, including Mr. Yuan, would not say anything about you. Please think about these evils when you eat pork, His master went from cognitive revolution to hunting and gathering to pigs raised by famous nomads. During the agricultural revolution, he lived through feudal rule, the Warring States rebellion, the Nanchang Uprising, the war of resistance against Japan, China’s reunification, and reform and opening up. In 2021, he didn’t live for a man who was a mere waste of the earth’s resources to eat. The revolution of bitcoin is meaningless. If it has to be meaningful in the financial industry, its revolution is equivalent to jumping from the feudal era to the next era after humanism. There is no legal restriction or the supervision of the CBRC. In reality, except for the bloody Homo sapiens, it is comparable to the Five Dynasties and ten countries in the war-torn era, In the end, they kill each other without supervision.


As far as the current trend of blockchain is concerned, it hates restriction and regulation. It has created its own system (since the established system still plays with central banks, it still needs to find a benchmark (gold standard) to show that it can only be a brother or shadow)   Indeed, overthrowing all previous economic theories is a revolution from feudal society to humanism, and even beyond. There must be bloodshed and absorption in the process of revolution. For example, the French ideological revolution and the October Revolution of the Soviet Union are all steps up the ladder of human thought. Revolution needs to be promoted by theoretical value. In modern society, which seems to be carrying out humanism to the end, in fact, today’s society is more centralized than any other dynasty (there is nothing wrong with centralization. If there is centralization, there will be laws, and people need to be controlled). There is a very popular word in China now called neijuan, However, in the war-torn areas or in a certain Warring States period, it is not necessary to have internal records. In other words, whether it is the real existence of human society or the rules created by us, we need a certain constraint. If we don’t stop it, human society and civilization are like no evolution, and like other animals, they are playing individual competition in the erosive civilization.


In a few years’ time, when the reward will be small enough, or even not big enough for bookkeeping, it is not so important for me to calculate whether the data recorded in a block is real, because the reward is already small, and the profit of being a malicious node will be high enough.


For example, there are two users a and B trading in 2041, and B wants to buy a Shanghai house with the current BTC (this is the current price, which may be only a few yuan in 2041), and B needs to pay to a   100… 00 BTCs


The current block award is 50 / 28   =    50/128   =    0.39065 ( BTC )


If we continue to be a malicious node, the risk and benefit will be totally out of proportion, and the benefit may be several times. If B digs out a block, it’s very easy to want double spending. Even if no block is digged out, the person who digs out the block can be transferred to BTC that exceeds the block reward   At coinbase   ( B spend the man who dug the block   10 BTCs   And   B spend B    100… 00 BTCs) are also written into the block. If they succeed, there will be a high return. If they fail, the mining generals will lose only 0.39.065btc   。 Bitcoin’s daily trading problems are full of loopholes. Today’s trading platform has to wait for half a day to buy cabbage for every ten million payment in ten minutes. The emergence of lightning network can solve the corresponding problems, but the price of ten minutes has gone up. Do I still need two more cabbages to go home?


All human civilizations are built on the basis of systems and rules, and there are always aspects that rules can’t cover. These aspects are loopholes, which should be updated into the best policies step by step. Bitcoin 12 years ago is perfect, bitcoin 8 years ago is natural, bitcoin 4 years ago is hot, bitcoin is crazy now, and bitcoin will come later. He’s not going to die, but he’s going to die. He’s going to die because he’s too clever. Bitcoin’s out block reward and time is an inverse proportional function of type, quietly it’s gone, just as he’s quietly coming ( May it be as brilliant as the White Deer coin of the Western Han Dynasty, the flying coin of the Tang Dynasty, the Mesopotamia clay board or tulip.) In addition, the paper money established by Zhu Yuanzhang should be equal to bitcoin. It is also digital, unused and created by smart people. The bitcoin of mechanism calculation: smart end.

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